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Shimmy Quake ~ July 2017

Sa'eeda Improvisation
Drum Solo ~ August 2016

Sa'eeda Improvisation
Tales of the Seven Veils Showcase, December 2016

Sirens of the Sahara
Sword Choreography

Sa'eeda's performance at Cairo ShimmyQuake 2016 to Alby Ashika

Improvisation to live music. August 2014

Sa'eeda's 2013 Santa Monica Holiday Hafla Performance

Sa'eeda's 2013 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Performance

Sirens of the Sahara ~ Cairo Caravan 2013 performance

Sirens of the Sahara ~ Cairo Caravan 2012 performances
Part One: Sahranin

Part Two: Dance of Life

Part Three: Drum Solo

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Anaheed's Perfumes of Araby Swap Meet

Sa'eeda performs with Troupe Baraka.

Sa'eeda performing at
MECDA's 33rd Annual Cairo Caravan
on the Queen Mary in Long Beach

There's another video at:
Sa'eeda with Troupe Baraka at the Perfumes of Araby Swap Meet 2010

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