Sa'eeda has been studying Middle Eastern dance since she was a teenager, performing professionally in 1990, and teaching since 1997.

With her instinctive understanding of the soul of Middle Eastern music, Sa'eeda embodies the beauty and spirit of the art of belly dance. She continues to enjoy the depth and variety of expression that is available in this dance form. There are so many beautiful types of music, dance and other arts associated with what is labeled the "Bellydancing," including a variety of folk dances.

This includes the geographic area from North Africa across the Middle East, up through Greece and Turkey. Her favorite compliments are when people from the country where the dance originates ask me if I'm also from there.

Instruction focus on the foundation skills necessary to excel at many of the different dance styles that can be found in the various regions of the Middle and Near East. Sa'eeda currently teaches in West LA, near Santa Monica, at Dance Studio No. 1 (see Class page for more info) as well as Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Sa'eeda's greatest influence was her first teacher in Los Angeles, Aisha Ali. Aisha's field research is the basis for her excellent audio and video recordings which are available from her web site. Sa'eeda was a member of the Aisha Ali Dance Company for approximately six years. She performed at a variety of events including the "Los Angeles Festival", the annual "Festival of the Masks" at Hancock Park, the annual "Music and Dance on the Grass" at UCLA, and many other cultural events.

Sa'eeda gratefully acknowledges the many excellent teachers that she's studied with including; Jillina, Zahra Zuhair, Sahra Saeeda, Morocco, Shareen el Safy, Aleya, Roxxanne, Suhaila Salimpour, and Robyn Friend.

She's headlined at many excellent Middle Eastern restaurants in the Los Angeles area, including Dar Maghreb, Koutoubia, Moun Of Tunis and Marrakesh.

She has had the privilege of performing with many excellent musicians, including Dr. A. Jihad Racy, Souhail Kaspar, Georges Lammam, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Nabil Azzam, Naser Musa and Reda Darwish.

In August, 2001, she completed very successful trip to Japan, where she performed at the Pelikan Restaurant in Takasaki City. She was sponsored by good friend and teacher, Francesca.

In March, 2006, she went to Egypt with Eshta Amar. While in Dahab, on the Red Sea, she even taught a few classes. She took classes with Raqia Hassan and Aida Noor.

In 2010, she celebrated her 13th year teaching bellydancing at the Tap Academy in Santa Monica.

Other related activities:

  • Written articles on Arabic culture and events for Habibi and Al-Jadid magazines.
  • Founder and director of the Sirens of the Sahara bellydance troupe.
  • Liner note author for Neena & Veena – Essential Bellydance (CD), Hollywood Music Center.
  • Co-founder of Al-Binteen, whose repertoire is based on folkloric dances from Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, plus contemporary dances of Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey.
  • On April 17, 1999, co-produced, with, a concert of Arab and Flamenco music, called Spirit of Andalucia . Performing were the Ali Jihad Racy Ensemble and the Mimbre Y Vareta Ensemble Flamenco.
  • Co-produced two concerts as part of the World Sacred Music Festival in Los Angeles, October 1999, concerts of Jewish, Christian and Muslim music of the Middle East. These were Kan Zaman and Za'atar and the Poetry of Peace.
  • Organizer for the Westside Belly Dance Network Meetup. This is the largest belly dance meetup in Southern California with over 350 members.
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